Program Administration

Administration at the State Level

Barred owlAt the state level, the Virginia Master Naturalist program is organized into chapters and overseen by statewide committees. A Program Coordinator oversees the day-to-day operations of the program and is the primary contact for the chapters. Learn more about the program’s structure statewide.

Administration at the Local Level

Showy orchisBoard of Directors
At the local level, the Rivanna chapter of the Virginia Master Naturalist is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors comprised of:

  • President (2017): Mary Loose DeViney
  • President-elect (2018): Rob Finley
  • Past President (2016): Claiborne Lange
  • Treasurer: Tim Weber
  • Recording secretary: Vicky Metcalf
  • Corresponding secretary: Karen Mulder
  • Time/Record keeper: Debbie Luzynski-Weber
  • Historian: Terri Keffert
  • Webmaster: JoAnna Hickman
  • Curriculum Committee Chair: Liz Sidamon-Eristoff
  • Volunteer Projects Committee Chair: David Smith
  • Public Relations Committee Chair: Ida Swenson and Jane Erwine
  • Continuing Education Committee Chair: Mary Tillman
  • Diversity Committee Chair: Open
  • Chapter Advisor: Carol Heiser, VDGIF

The RMN Board of Directors meets the first Tuesday of each month to further develop the chapter and establish policies and programs to further the VMN mission.

Chapter Advisors
Each chapter has a chapter advisor who is a local representative of one of the five state agency sponsors and an ex-officio member of the board.  The Rivanna Chapter’s advisor is Carol Heiser, Education Section Manager and Habitat Education Coordinator for VDGIF

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