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  1. marti Snell says:

    what will the dates be for the 2016 Master Naturalist classes? How many can be missed — I am thinking one class. I am planning a trip for early in the year (Jan or Feb) and need to know when the classes start and end as well as the time of day. Thank you. Marti Snell

    • Michelle Prysby says:

      Hi Marti–Thank you for your interest in the VMN program! The dates for 2016 are not yet confirmed, but I think it would be fairly safe to assume that it will start in mid-February and run through the end of May. The classes will be held during the day time, usually the morning with some field trips in the afternoons. The volunteer committee that plans the course is meeting in late October, and soon after that we should be able to provide some more details on dates and times.

  2. Julie Reed says:

    Hi Michelle – I too, am interested in the Master Naturalist program. I read your email to Marti, and you mentioned that the classes will be held during the day? No evening classes? I am still working, so would be unable to attend daytime classes….Thanks very much, Julie

    • Michelle Prysby says:

      Hi Julie–
      Yes, this session the chapter will hold daytime classes. They have done a couple of years of evening classes, and will do this year of daytime to be accessible to people for whom daytime is better. In 2017, it will most likely be evening again.

  3. Rachel says:

    Is a salamander walk planned for Maple Flats this March?

  4. Tom Kelly says:

    Am I too late for 2016 training?
    Just got this info this AM from the albemarle County arborist.

    • Michelle Prysby says:

      Hi Tom, Yes, the 2016 training started at the beginning of February, and the class is full with a waiting list. Applications for the 2017 training course will be available in November or December of this year. Meanwhile, if you check out the calendar page, you can see a number of events that are open to the public that you’re welcome to attend.

  5. Bruce Slater says:

    Hi Rivanna-VMN chapter,
    Moved to the area this year. Applying to take the MN course next spring.

    Are the voluntary opportunities open to the public? or just certified MNs? How about the CE activities?

    Thanks for considering,

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